Wrapping Up a Successful Journey: The South Waikato Governance Mentoring Programme

L-R Norm Barker, Gray Baldwin, Kiani Tuhua, Leighton Littlewood, Chloe Jones, Arama Ngapo, John Natua

L-R Norm Barker, Gray Baldwin, Kiani Tuhua, Leighton Littlewood, Chloe Jones, Arama Ngapo, John Natua

In October 2023, South Waikato Investment Fund Trust (SWIFT) proudly launched the South Waikato Governance Mentoring Programme in collaboration with Community Governance Aotearoa and Mentoring Foundation NZ. This six-month initiative aimed to foster leadership, enhance governance skills, and strengthen community connections. Now, as we wrap up this transformative programme, we celebrate the journey, the participants, and the impact it has had on our community.

With a mission to cultivate effective governance in South Waikato, SWIFT took on the crucial role of identifying local participants, coordinating events, and serving as a point of contact throughout the programme. The selected cohort comprised 12 dynamic individuals, matched into six mentor-mentee pairs. Each pair represented a blend of diverse backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the rich tapestry of our community.

The mentors in this programme brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise, showcasing the incredible talent present in our region. Their commitment to sharing their insights and guiding their mentees was instrumental in the programme's success. The mentees, eager to learn and grow, brought fresh perspectives and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Over the six months, participants engaged in a series of workshops, one-on-one sessions, and group activities designed to enhance their governance skills. Topics ranged from strategic planning and financial oversight to effective communication and ethical leadership. The collaborative environment fostered not only skill development but also the formation of lasting relationships.

Norm (mentor) and John (mentee) have formed a close friendship

Norm (mentor) and John (mentee) have formed a close friendship

As the programme concludes, we reflect on the remarkable progress made by each participant. The mentors and mentees alike have shared stories of personal growth, increased confidence, and a deeper understanding of governance principles. The connections formed during this journey have created a supportive network that will continue to benefit the South Waikato community.

The success of this cohort is a testament to the power of mentorship and the potential within our community. SWIFT remains committed to supporting initiatives that foster growth and development. We look forward to seeing the continued impact of these newly empowered leaders as they apply their skills and knowledge to benefit our region.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Community Governance Aotearoa, Mentoring NZ, our dedicated mentors, and enthusiastic mentees. Your contributions have made this programme an invaluable experience for all involved. As we conclude this chapter, we celebrate the achievements and look forward to the future contributions of our graduates.