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Introducing 'Level 1'

The new co-working space in South Waikato

It’s been an exciting start to 2024 with a number of projects coming to fruition, including the opening of ‘LEVEL 1'.

This is a new professional co-working space based at Pūkenga Rau Trades Training Centre. Also, home to the SWIFT team.

This space is perfect for regional businesses needing a base in South Waikato, or locals needing off-site meeting rooms or even people wanting to expand from their home-based business.

Aptly named ‘Level 1' being the position of the space at Pūkenga Rau, with views overlooking SH1 as you enter Tokoroa southbound. 

It caters for up to 12 permanent desks, complete with a hi-tech board room, meeting room, silent pod, printing, a social space, kitchen consumables and more. Everything is sparkling new, being that Pūkenga Rau was built last year.

If this sounds like an ideal set up for your business needs, then we invite you to tour the space with us.

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