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Business Recolated to Located to South Waikato with the Help of SWIFT


WJM Profiles is a specialist machining business that relocated to the South Waikato with assistance from SWIFT.  The business specializes in high-quality technical profiles including picture frames, balustrade rails and colonial facia mouldings.   

The previous premises were too small for the operations, customer inquiries and growth prospects.  By relocating the business provided a far greater space at a similar cost, is closer to suppliers and customers as well as a supply of semi-skilled workers (e.g. previous machining experience). 

WJM Profiles have employed 4 local people already who were out of a job and is training them in all aspects of machining, maintenance and operations.  WJM are impressed with the quality of workers and inquiries from people wanting to come and work for them – word is getting out around town.

Wayne Jefferson says "I made a big call to shift and exchange some of my smaller machines for much larger capacity units.  Had I known the hold-ups and challenges we would face I probably would never have shifted as I was working 100-hour weeks to get the business up and running”.

“With moral support amid a challenging time managing cashflow, we’ve been amazed by the levels of inquiries and now can look to grow faster than we had planned.  The enlarged business is on track to create 10 jobs for the district”.

The business has reached its 5-year employment and revenue targets well within 6
months of shifting and is now looking to stage 2 to expand the services it offers and customer base even further.